Herbal Treatment

Hashmi Herbs is a natural pharmacy specializing in natural herbs, remedies and alternatives to prescription medicines. Hashmi Herbs is a best global natural remedies manufacturing organization offering services across the country specific supplies of natural herbs.

We are one of the largest privately held herbal medicine manufacturing company in India, headquartered at Delhi. As an integrated herbal healthcare solutions provider, we cater to over 32 disease area with presence especially in India and world. We focus on providing high quality, affordable treatment.

Life Time Cure Naturally
We have one of best facility for research and development in India, where a team of doctors and researcher has continuously works on the development of natural herbs. We have natural resourced raw herbs in stock at all times that helps us to make best formulation for our patients and diseases. Our natural herbs are meant to cure your entire health problems.

We specialize in natural remedies and alternative medicine for health issues. By providing a wide variety of top quality natural herbal remedies and herbal supplements we ensure people can find what they looking for. At our research center we ensure you to that you get the best treatment at best price.
  • We Offer The Highest Quality Products For Our Patients.
  • It Helps With Natural and Herbal Formulation.
Solve all Health problems Easily
Best advantage of choosing our herbal product is that medicines are available at your door step. You don’t need to o anywhere just need to make a call and the medicine will be delivered to your address. Our online store of herbal remedies and natural herbs ensure you the best treatment. Our commitment is to serve the healthcare industry with the highest quality natural remedies on the best prices.

  • Safe and Effective Herbal medicine.
  • We Have Everything From Natural Herbal Medicines.
  • Herbal Cure For Health Conscious Choices From Premium Manufacturers.
Hashmi Herbs provides a wide variety of top quality natural alternative medicines.
Our Vision Affordable With High Quality
Our vision is to be a leading herbal manufacturing company in India and to become a significant global player by providing high quality, affordable and innovative solutions in natural medicine and treatment. Our vision is to setup a integrated healthcare solutions provider at best prices.
  • We Provide a Reputable Source of Information on Integrative and Alternative Health.
  • Products and Services Across the Globe, Through Excellence in Technology.
Excellent Features
Our uniquely trained professional staff is well versed in natural medicines and knowledgeable about herbs, vitamin and minerals. Because we are knowledgeable of both pharmaceuticals and alternative remedies this enables us to offer the safe integration of traditional and natural therapies.
We will do our best to assess your situation to see what we can do to help you. If your concern is beyond the scope of our practice, we have a great network of qualified health professionals that would be an appropriate resource for you.
  • Successfully Market Pharmaceutical Products to Prevent, diagnose, alleviate and cure diseases.
  • All Supplements are Natural and Safe.
Customer Support
We are determined to providing you with the best customer service possible. Hashmi Herbs provides 24/7 support via email and over the phone. Our customer service agents are among the best in the industry and eagerly look forward to answering any queries that you may have.